37.000+ facebook likes? The Babysite did it!

37.000+ facebook likes? The Babysite did it!

De Babysite has more than 37.000 likes on facebook, an accomplishment that deserves some extra attention. We were curious to see what his story was and that why we interviewed Richard van Leeuwen, the owner of the babysite.

Who is the Babysite and how did it come about?

At Babysite.nl parents can keep a diary of their baby’s developments. They can upload photos, write in the dairy, register height and teeth developments and aside from the guestbook, there are loads of other possibilities. Babysite was created as a gift that you received when ordering a birth notice card at my online family printing company. This rapidly became very popular and moms were asking if they could have a site as well, even though they didn’t order a card. That is how Babysite took off and will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Why did you also start, besides the site, a web shop?

Because the Facebook page got so many likes in such a short time and affiliated marketing had no effect during those years, we decided to open a web shop ourselves, shop.babysite.

How do you get more than 37.000 likes?

In the beginning it went very fast because we send all the members a newsletter; this caused quite the stir that was spreading fast. Unfortunately Facebook is constantly readjusting the rules that force you to show innovation to keep expanding.

Were you consciously trying to generate that amount of likes?

No, definitely not in the beginning, when we were getting more and more likes it did become a challenge for us.

How long did it take to get to 37.000?

We started our Facebook page on the 30th of August 2012, so it took about 7 months before we got to 37.000

You also have a very high engagement (at this stage you have even more people talking about your page than you have likes) how did you achieve this?

To me that is very important. It shows that people are enjoying looking at our photos that, by the way, always link to babies or children.

What sort of content do you put on your Facebook Wall?

Most of the time it will be photos of babies or children, preferably the cutest or funniest ones. Now that we have the web shop it is difficult to see how we can get our fans to the shop. You don’t want to push it too much, because that will cost you fans. Because we just started Facebook, we are learning new things every day about what works and what definitely doesn’t work.

Where do you get your inspiration for the content from?

I spend a couple of hours, between regular businesses, every day on collecting content. When I see a cool, relevant photo, I save it. Out of all these photo’s I pick the best ones for the page. It is a fun job and every time it is very exciting to see how people will react.

What are the advantages of having that many likes?

We are still finding out, also Facebook itself is very much involved. Before November 2012 you could reach every single one of your members, now this number is down to about 30%. They also recently changed the rules so you can only reach a wider audience with a share. This makes it increasingly difficult to reach your members and their friends. With this many likes, of course 30% of 37000 is more than 3.700. Having a lot of members has, because of the new rules, more and more advantages it seems.

How can you make the most of having so many likes?

That is a question we are also asking ourselves. How do we get, not in a pushy way, more members to the Babysite and the shop? We found out that overkill on advertising doesn’t work. Even though, it can be very tempting to do so. The best way is to spend a lot of time on the page and pay attention to what appeals to your members.