A Showcase of Merchants That Use Our eCosystem’s Beautifully Designed Themes: Part 1

A Showcase of Merchants That Use Our eCosystem’s Beautifully Designed Themes: Part 1

Design is an important factor for usability and conversion, that is something researchers and e-commerce specialists figured out a while ago. It is therefore important to consider design in the process of starting or running your online business. The SEOshop platform offers a wide range of pre-designed themes that are either developed by us, or developed by external design agencies that can help merchants in accomplishing their design requirements. These themes are optimized for design, conversion or have specific features to activate consumers. Providing a showcase of how some merchants have applied these themes, we have interviewed 7 of our customers to highlight their beautifully designed online shops.

This week we'll present four cases, and next week we'll present the other three. The merchants provide tips and tricks for other e-tailers based on their experience. Feel free to take a look and hopefully you’ll be inspired to optimize your business via design. You could also share your own designed online store in the comments.

Mijntas.nl – Iris Witteveen

Webshophelpers theme by Webshophelpersmijntas.nl

Turning your hobby into your job, isn’t that what everyone wants? Iris Witteveen, the owner of Mijntas.nl did exactly that. Her online store sells bags, specifically for women. As a typical bag-lover, she believes women cannot have enough bags, and while she was searching for yet another, she wasn’t happy with what the market offered. She missed a specific bag-store for the female gender, with a woman’s touch, so to say. That was when she decided to start an online store, and for that she chose SEOshop.

While building her store, she decided to use the theme by Webshophelpers. The main criteria for using this theme were the large spaces for banners on the homepage, but also the large product images. Together with the ability to provide elaborate texts, this ensures a professional appearance. She used the feature of 6 products on her homepages to keep it simple and organized, and used the ‘bestsellers’ and ‘new products’, as these are most interesting for her customers. To satisfy current customers, the theme offers the ‘search suggest’ function, which allows these customers to easily find familiar products. The category pages provide atmospheric images so that customers get a better impression of the product range.  Mijntas.nl is therefore both customer focused and beautiful thanks to the Webshophelpers theme.

Iris presents some tips for other merchants. “Professional headers are important”. The first impression of your online store lasts, and people can click away easily if the first look is not amazing. Next to that, she believes that information is important. The most important information should be available on every page – not too much, but definitely not too less. A third tip is to provide a logical category-division. Navigation is important, especially for online shoppers that try to find something quickly. Last, try to keep up, and read up on trends and developments. This is what Iris does, and it made her online store successful.

Shopperdeshop.nl – Stephan Punt

Botein by eFusionshopperdeshop.nl

We all love gadgets. A simple reason for that is that we spend a lot of time with our smartphones and tablets, and we are online for almost 24 hours a day. Since selling these gadgets online is highly competitive, in order to increase sales and customers' loyalty, Shopperdeshop.nl hit the jackpot with the SEOshop platform. The right choice of a unique theme has sped up its sales by having a shorter time-to-market and a beautiful interface.

Understanding its target group together with all features provided by the SEOshop platform, Shopperdeshop.nl was able to move fast and did not allow itself to be crushed by its competitors. Shopperdeshop.nl’s landing page was optimized with a clear and easy theme called Botein by eFusion. As a result, customers have given positive feedback. When Stephan was asked about what else the Botein theme has yielded to the online store, his answer was very distinct. “The immediate success has helped me increase the conversion rate significantly in just three months that my online store has been opened”.

Finding a good theme was not easy for Shopperdeshop.nl; it took some time until the company agreed on a theme that could meet the main idea of its business concept. In addition, customer experiences were also taken into account. Focus on a transparent layout, which grabs the attention of visitors, is very important because sooner or later it will stimulate them to purchase a gadget. The one to follow this tip, will most certainly be successful.

Hafervoll – Philip Kahnis & Robert Kronekker

Playful by SEOshophafervoll.de

The idea to start Hafervoll.de was born after the two founders, Philip Kahnis and Robert Kronekker, were fed up with all the common cereal bars that maybe look healthy but are stuffed with so many chemical ingredients that the list does not seem to end. They decided to do something against it and now, Hafervoll produces 100% natural cereal bars, called Flapjacks, and even developed their own special baking technique.

Philip and Robert started looking for a fast and start-up friendly web shop solution to sell their product. They instantly liked that all features can be found on one user interface in the SEOshop backoffice and that they could start their shop right away without any programming experience. Philip and Robert especially appreciated the Demo version of SEOshop and advise other merchants to really use this phase to get to know all the functions of their new shop. This way, they can start selling without any difficulties right after their Demo shop went live.

For the looks of their shop, Philip and Robert decided to use the Playful theme by SEOshop because it had all Social Media implements they wanted and most importantly, it was possible to transfer the clean design of their product to the online store. The menu and other writing in dark-yellow is used as a contrast to the light background of the shop. Especially the icons and little drawings in the same color make the design individual and stress the unique characteristics of the product. The design gets it across to the customer that the product that is sold in this shop is natural and of high quality.

Hafervoll’s customers also like the web shop and its design. They quickly find what they are looking for and the graphics inform and entertain them at the same time. All in all, the Hafervoll shop is designed without unnecessary additives – just like the Flapjacks.

Liefzebraatje.nl – Richard van Leeuwen

InStijl Media theme by InStijl Medialiefzebratje.nl

Zebras have excellent eyesight, and it is believed that they can see in color. If we look at the online store Liefzebraatje.nl, we’ll see the color pink everywhere. With this salience, the design knocks the strong competition of the booming online children’s bags business down. According to Richard van Leeuwen (Liefzebraatje.nl’s owner), SEOshop has taken out the complication in e-commerce and helped Liefzebraatje.nl to run its business in a simple and quick way. Being open for only seven months, Richard recognizes that the success of his web store was all about choosing the right design: in this case a beautifully designed theme.

Not convinced by the first theme of Liefzebraatje.nl, Richard decided to search for another one and this search led to an expert company (InStijl Media) that guided him and translated his ideas to the style of the landing page and optimization of product overview. It was clear to both parties that the website should remind parents of their childhood, the navigation should be clear, and products should be transparent. Combining all these characteristics, the InStijl Media theme was chosen instead of a custom made design. One of the things that stand out from other themes is the ‘sticky menu’ at the top, which is convenient for consumers as they can navigate to any page while searching for products.

Richard provides some tips to other merchants, as he mentions that talking to experts, as he did with InStijl Media, is a perfect way to increase online traffic to your online store, and to stand out of the crowd. “With its beautiful eCosystem, SEOshop offers contact point with lots of e-commerce experts, which offered exactly what we needed. Thanks for the showcase."

Final remark

Hopefully we have inspired you to some extent and showed you that beautifully designed online stores make a difference. And you have to admit, as a consumer you would also rather buy from a store that looks great and pleases the eye, than from a store that looks kind of shabby. If you want to learn more about our themes, please visit our Theme Store.

Please share your shop below in the comments if you also use a beautiful designed theme for your shop, or, what the heck, if you have an awesome custom design, to inspire your fellow merchants. And feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to show how nice online shops can look, based on pre-designed themes.

We thank all the participating online shops, that took the time to answer our questions and provide some good tips and tricks for other merchants.

Part 2 will be published within a few days, so keep an eye on the blog for more showcases.