A Showcase of Merchants That Use Our eCosystem’s Beautifully Designed Themes: Part 2

A Showcase of Merchants That Use Our eCosystem’s Beautifully Designed Themes: Part 2

Last week, we presented the first part of the customer showcase of how some merchants have applied our pre-designed themes, which are either developed by us, or developed by external design agencies. As mentioned, design is  an important factor for usability and conversion, and therefore it is important to consider it in the process of starting or running your online business. Read along in part 2 on how three other merchants are using the pre-designed themes and learn from their tips and tricks. Again, you are free to share your knowledge or shop design in the comments, and share this blogpost.

Brillenprinz.de – Martin Müller

Sailor by DGsolutionsbrillenprinz.de

Brillenprinz.de started out as an eBay store selling sunglasses and glasses including the lenses, and a short time ago, they begun to build their own online store with SEOshop. The reason for this step was, that an own website and store is much more individual and attracts a more diverse target group than the eBay store alone.

For the design, the Sailor theme by DGSolutions was chosen because of its clear and functional design, which still looks beautiful, according to Martin. The features are useful and the theme offers a good documentation, that is also available in German. Brillenprinz.de uses the banner feature offered by the Sailor theme on their homepage. This way, every customer can see the most important brands offered at one glance. To enhance search engine results, Brillenprinz.de uses filters for their products. The shop owners still work to implement more of the theme’s diverse features like ‘product picture overlays’ that enable the customer to either buy a product instantly or look at it first, the ‘video plugin’ that enables the merchant to insert videos in their shop, or the ‘mega menu’ that does not only show the sub-menus, but also their sub-categories.

The owner’s advice for other merchants is to offer a clear, concise and functional online store, where customers can navigate easily and find what they are looking for with just a few clicks. Brillenprinz.de puts this into practice perfectly.

Stoffen-online.nl – Mark van Veen

SneakerZshop by Webdingestoffen-online.nl

After working in a wholesale company for fabrics, Mark van Veen started with Stoffen-online.nl. This was already 4 years ago, but Mark joined the SEOshop platform just over 3 months now. The old website did not meet his requirements anymore and they outgrew the possibilities. Freedom and possibilities in design was one of the main reasons why they transferred to SEOshop.

To fulfil their expectations of vision for Stoffen-online.nl, they immediately turned to the SneakerZshop theme by Webdinge. The appealing banner in the center of the homepage, that can be designed however you want, allowed Mark to create something really special, and this was exactly what they were looking for. This way they created a great design with a lot of possibilities, which is customer friendly and looks attractive.

Being active for over 5 years in e-commerce now, Mark shares some of his visions with you. First, he believes design is important, as well for product sales as marketing purposes. Using banners to promote your products provides an appealing way to convince customers they should buy your products, and not competitor’s ones. Invest in the design of these banners so they look professional. He often receives positive feedback from customers that the lay-out is so nice. He further mentions that categorization of products is important: do it in more ways so customers can easily find your products.

Sweetlivingshop.nl – Paul Bos

Amsterdam by Totalli e-Commercesweetlivingshop.nl

Sweet Living Shop, with its online store Sweetlivingshop.nl, is a contemporary and professional company in the residential sector. They sell different kind of products in the area of living accessories, both in their online store, but also in their showroom. The owner, Paul Bos, has some experience in the e-commerce industry and that is why he chose SEOshop.

Regarding the design, the online store needed to be clear and great in usability, and therefore they turned to the ‘Amsterdam’ theme by Totalli, specifically the bright preset. The spacious design allows for great product category pages, which can be easily accessed from the sidebar. The product page leverages great call-to-action due to the ‘white’ design, and the green buttons. Customers often comment on the ease of use when they request for more information on products in their showroom. The design can be typically explained as ‘design for function’.

Paul has some tips for other merchants. His main tip is: ‘Keep it simple’. We often loose ourselves in really great designs that look appealing but have bad navigations, and therefore do not lead to conversion.

Final remark

Again, we hope we have inspired you to some extent and showed you that it is not extremely difficult to create a good-looking store. If you want to learn more about our themes, please visit our Theme Store.

Please share your ideas, feedback or own design in the comments, since we can all learn from each other. We again thank the participating stores for providing their time and knowledge.