First durable phone in the world chooses SEOshop for their online store

First durable phone in the world chooses SEOshop for their online store

The world’s first durable and fairly produced smartphone launches its online store: the Fairphone. This online store will use the SEOshop platform as well. Fairphone makes a stand for the fair treatment of the workers, makes a difference in e-waste programs, uses conflict-free resources and strives for more transparency of the production process.

How the idea came about

Three years ago Bas van Abel started the research that would eventually lead to the creation of the Fairphone Company. With a background in Product Design, Van Abel had a natural interest in production processes. His interest for the production of smartphones was fueled by several scandals like the Foxconn-scandal. He then tried to imagine what a production chain would need in order to improve. There was only one answer: develop your own smartphone, where all the stages of production are exposed. This is the only way to conduct the production process in a more sustainable and fair way.

Finding the right suppliers

But how can you make sure that your suppliers really have a fair and sustainable production process? For the production of phones, you need minerals that are mined in Congo. It is not easy to check up on this in a country that has been in war for such a long time and where still is a lot of tension. Militia groups are funding their weapons with minerals and by forcing the people that work in the mines to pay taxes. Aside from that the phones are produced in China, where a questionable work environment is a much debated subject. That is why Fairphone corporates with NGO’s ad experts that have a vast knowledge of the local market The Dutch standard of good working conditions is very different from China or Congo. Fairphone visits their suppliers with the support of these advisors and selects in consultation with them based on pre-established guidelines.

The technology of the smartphone

Fairphone’s smartphone operates on Android Jelly Bean with Quad core; an open source system that can be completely overwritten by users with technical skills (rootable). In addition, the Dual SIM phone, which means that two sim cards can be placed in the phone, which it can be used for both private and business. The phone also features a 4.3 inch touch-screen and 8 megapixel + 1.3 megapixel camera.

Production and marketing

To start production, Fairphone needs at least 5000 pre-orders, which can be placed on their website

Why SEOshop?

After an extensive evaluation FairPhone chose SEOshop because of their vast variety of customers and its extensive e-commerce experience. The design was provided in a PSD file, which SEOshop then implemented through their Template Editor. The first experiences have been very positive for both parties.

The future

The future looks bright for FairPhone. Worldwide, consumers are becoming more aware and the company has gained an extensive international network of ambassadors who are happy to promote the phone. The company has the ambition to bring new phones to the market and achieve an even more controlled production process, in order to make the whole process even more 'Fair trade'. Want to learn more about this phone? Visit