Get more from your SEOshop with creative optimisation: 6 tips for your online shop to sell more

Get more from your SEOshop with creative optimisation: 6 tips for your online shop to sell more

In short, conversion is turning a site visit into a sale; it's the main drive for any business. With creative optimisation, you can get more out of your SEOshop. Platinum partner eFusion is an expert in getting more results with functional and visual adjustments to the user interface. In this article, they will give you six point-by-point tips for creative optimisation of your online store.

1. Recognition

Branding is a weighty marketing term, one that simply means that your image is obvious in everything you do. Your brand determines how people see your business! The logo and logotype (summarised nicely in the term"corporate identity"), along with the visual design (colours, images, fonts) are an essential part of your brand. A recognisable brand demonstrates what you stand for as a business. Whether you're a discounter or a supplier of luxury goods, what matters is that the design of your online store fits your brand.

TIP: take care to create an unique and recognisable logo, logotype and corresponding visual design as a basis for creative optimisation.



2. Get positive reviews

If you're known as a trustworthy business, people will be more likely to make a purchase in your online store.

TIP: make your good ratings clearly visible. Word of mouth is still the best publicity!

Example: Reviewwidget central on


3. Easy navigation

Online shopping has to be easy. The client has to find the product and/or service they want as quickly as possible. Navigation plays a key part in this.

TIP: Make sure that you can navigate, filter and search in different ways on the site. Clear navigation is essential, but a search function and side navigation (such as product categories) ensures that your visitor can find their desired product more quickly.

Example: Philips OEM online store


4. Appeal to the imagination

A picture is worth a thousand words. It's a universal truth that still stands in the year 2013. Schiphol Group has been winning awards for years thanks to the clarity of the icons they use. The World Press Photo tells a new story every year.

It's the same for your online shop: product photographs that appeal to the imagination, clear but fun icons, cool atmospheric images and videos make your online store come alive. The result: more sales!

Example: photo and background SLAM Online


5. Ordering a specific product with ease

TIP: Make sure your online store is set up in a logical way to configure and order a product. Think carefully about any options and related products to maximise orders.

Example: see the clear product funnel on


6. A/B testing

A/B tests allows you to adapt (different) parts in the frond-end of your online store. Two (A/B) or more (so called multivatiate testing) are presented, and the conversion rate between them is compared to see what works and what does not.

TIP: use A/B or multivariate testing as the basis of your creative optimisation.

Example: landings pages


This blog is written by platinum partner eFusion. Want to know more about creative optimisation or custom design possibilities, contact eFusion at [email protected]