How To Get Customers to Your New Store

How To Get Customers to Your New Store

This is a guest post written by Alan Zabihi. Alan Zabihi is a former AdWords-specialist at Google, where he was a frequent contributor to the official AdWords blog. He is currently product manager at Keycrunch, a startup with the mission of automating search advertising.

It's a jungle out there!

Online marketing has evolved into a jungle. As an online store, there are so many different marketing services to choose among, including email marketing, retargeting and shopping engine optimization. These services can be very effective, but each have their own role to play in a store’s marketing arsenal.

I am often surprised when I hear new store owners debating over which service to choose. Money and time is spent on optimizing revenue growth by leveraging a small existing visitor base. What a new store owner should be obsessed about at this point is getting new customers and giving them the best service possible. Optimizations can wait until later.

One of the very best ways of attracting customers to your new online store is through search advertising on Google AdWords. Whenever someone searches for one of your products, e.g. the Acer LED-screen you have in stock called “Acer V193HQLHB”, an ad for that specific product can guide your potential customer from search to purchase in your store.

The reason why this is so effective is that the customers searching Google for specific products are:

  • More likely to buy, rather than just look
  • More likely to buy from a store new to them, why would they otherwise be searching Google and not their favorite store?

New customers arriving to your store to buy a specific product can then be converted into loyal and long term customers, who visit your specific site because you have given them a great purchasing experience. With a growing customer base, it now makes sense to look into the other marketing services mentioned earlier.

Your products can be used to sell themselves, as long as you make them visible for customers who are looking for them. Search marketing platforms such as Google AdWords enable you to do this, and are therefore the first paid marketing effort any new online store should invest in.

So how do I get started?

  • Set up your own AdWords campaigns. Make sure to educate yourself first in order to avoid costly mistakes. Watch video courses, read how-to guides and follow worksheets on Learn with Google.
  • Hire an online marketing agency. Make sure to get the right agency, as they vary greatly in quality. Always ask for references. Remember that you need quite a large budget to afford a good agency.
  • Automate it. The previous steps are full of pitfalls for any small or medium sized online store, which is why we built Keycrunch, an app for your store that fully automates search advertising on Google AdWords. Ads and keywords are built, updated and optimized based on the products in your store.

Happy hunting!

Keycrunch is now available in the SEOshop App Store.