Gift wrapping available in your online store

Gift wrapping available in your online store

The holidays are coming and obviously, you want to make sure that your online store is well prepared for this. We gave you a number of tips in the blogpost Ho Ho Ho! Now Is The Time To Up Your Game In Customer Service and How to boost your marketing efforts with social media during the gifting season, and now we are introducing our new gift wrapping feature.

Setting up gift wrapping in your back office

Create one or more products in your back office containing the term wrapping. This allows you to not only offer Christmas wrapping, but also gift wrapping for birthdays, wrapping paper in different colors etc. You can do this through CATALOG > Products and enter all the information you would for a regular product. You can also choose to charge your customers for gift wrapping.

Now you have created the different types of wrapping, you want them to be displayed at the right spot in your online store. In order to set this up you select SETTINGS > Gift wrapping in your back office. Where it says Status, you tick the Activate box and name the wrapping (for example 'gift wrapping'). This should be a fairly general term as it is the category name for all the different types of wrapping you offer. Now, when you click on the Products tab, you will see the different types of wrapping that you created as products in the previous step, and you can activate them in your online store.


Gift wrapping in your online store

When your customer now places an item in his shopping cart, the wrapping will be automatically offered as an option. Customers can add wrapping during the checkout process.


If you want to make sure that your gift wrapping options are only being displayed during the checkout process, and nowhere else in your store, you will have to ensure that the wrapping (that you created as a product) is not linked to any category.

Other applications

If you do not want to offer gift wrapping, but want to use this feature for other purposes like cross selling, you can do this as well. Instead of wrapping you could, for example, create a gift.

Under SETTINGS > Upsells you might want to add 'Gifts for you' or 'Products of interest' instead of 'gift wrapping'.

Found your own creative application? We would love to hear what you came up with!