Launching SEOshop Premium: the solution for brands and high volume shops

Launching SEOshop Premium: the solution for brands and high volume shops

Last week we launched SEOshop Premium, the solution for the rising demand of well-known brands and web shops that have online revenues of more than 500,000 euros, who are looking for a better service and improved performance. We proudly present you SEOshop Premium!

What is SEOshop Premium?

More and more well-known brands and web shops with high order volumes are discovering the benefits of SEOshop. Needless to say that's good news for us, but we've found that our current packages cannot sufficiently satisfy the needs of those customers. This specific customer group has the need for a higher level of service and flexibility. That is why we're introducing SEOshop Premium. SEOshop Premium offers all the benefits of SEOshop - speed and swiftness, reliable hosting, support and free updates - and more:

  • A higher service level agreement
  • Priority on the roadmap
  • A fixed SEOshop developer
  • A SEOshop key account manager

To satisfy the needs of this customer group we have decided to start strategic partnerships with some of the best offices in the Benelux, namely: Freshheads, Guapa Media, W3S, PHpro, Monobrands, Juice, ZEO and Yellowlab. Not only do these partners provide help when it comes to custom design and solutions, they will also be able to help create a complete marketing policy of which the web shop will be an essential part.

SEOshop Premium is available starting at 799 euros per month.

A thrilling introduction

Last Thursday SEOshop Premium was launched in spectacular fashion at the Undercurrent in Amsterdam, along with more than a 150 SEOshop partners. After the presentations by CEO Ruud Stelder, partner manager Hendrik Nuyens and SEOshop Premium key account manager Jeroen Weijs the party continued with a delicious barbecue and lively drinks on the terrace. An impression of the event:







What does SEOshop Premium mean for existing customers?

Nothing changes for our existing customers. We can assure you that we'll provide the exact same level of service that you are used to receive from us. Let us explain this in the F.A.Q. below.

Do SEOshop-customers continue to receive monthly updates?

Answer: Yes, you can expect to receive the same service as before. This means that the monthly updates will continue to exist. We have freed additional capacity space in order to offer customers SEOshop Premium. This means that the service for existing customers will not suffer because of SEOshop Premium and, thus, will stay exactly the same.

SEOshop Premium-customers get 'priority' on the roadmap when it comes to developing functions. However, these functions will be available to everyone when finished. A fixed developer is working on the development of these functions, so input from SEOshop Premium customers will not intervene with the general roadmap. Additionally, you as a customer will benefit from the new functions that are important for well-known brands and shops with high order volumes. Such functions will stimulate your own shop's growth as well!

Will customer support answer my questions in time?

Answer: Yes, we will answer all incoming tickets in a timely manner. SEOshop Premium-customers get priority support, which means that their tickets will get answered within a time span of 60 minutes.

SEOshop Premium-customers are being helped by a fixed customer support employee. The rest of customer support will be working on tickets of existing SEOshop-customers, meaning that you will continue to receive the same service as you have come to expect from us.

Can I become a SEOshop Premium-customer myself?

Answer: Yes, you can. SEOshop Premium is available starting at 799 euros per month. SEOshop Premium is the perfect solution for big brands and customers with high order volumes (annual revenues of over 500,000 euros).

Want to know more about SEOshop Premium? Feel free to visit our SEOshop Premium website. Upon leaving contact details, one of our employees will contact you within 24 hours.

One last thing...

We are nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast50 2014, the list that includes the 50 fastest growing technology companies in the Benelux! The definitive places on the list are announced on October the 31st. This is a success that we mainly have to thank you - our customers - for!