Major performance update: more than 100 improved features

Major performance update: more than 100 improved features

SEOshop has added a lot of functionality to the platform in the past year. After renewing the manual it was time for a major update. After making an extensive inventory of all the improvements that were put forward by you, we have made a substantial selection. This selection includes new features, improvements to the existing functionality and enhanced integrations.

We are convinced that you will find that some things on the list will be of importance to you. In the next update we will process even more requests that have been made earlier.

Optimized payment methods


Now it is even easier for customers to pay in your online store. Mollie now also allows you to add the payment option Mister Cash, which is very popular in Belgium. iDeal is a lot faster now and you can also choose to offer certain payment methods only to your business customers. This allows you to make things even more convenient for your customers!

Import and export made even easier

The import and export feature in you back office is now even more versatile. You can now, for example, set the visibility of products, easily import different languages for your product variants and export even more data like pricing excluding VAT and the costs of using a payment method. Thanks to the improved import and export function you now have even more control over your data!

An overview of the most important improvements

Account managementDescription
BillingNow you can adjust the billing information in the back office, as SEOshop uses it. It can take up to three days for the changes to take effect.
SEPA direct debitAs of the 1st of February, all European payments will be processed through SEPA. All existing SEOshop-customers should therefore confirm their bank details. The main user of your online store will have to fill out a SEPA-form in order to confirm these details.
Separate bank accountsYou can now use a separate bank account for your payments to SEOshop and a separate bank account in which you receive your customer's payments.
SMS Gateway
Opt-in SMS functionYour customers can now decide whether or not they want to receive text messages from you. They can manage these settings through their account in your online store.
Bulk SMSYou can now send SMS messages in even greater volumes.
Product management
Product variantsThe titles of product variants that showed the text"Default" can now be translated into the language of the online store. This means that the word"Default" will be translated into your own language.
Sort product optionsIt is now possible to sort product options.
Show product optionsWhen you have a lot of product options set up in your online store it could have happened that some of them were covered by a bar. This has now been resolved.
Order management
New customersWhen a new customer places an order for the first time, you will receive a 'New customer' notification with this order.
Filter ordersYou can now filter your orders according to country.
Saving company namesBefore, when you wanted to save the details of a customer in your back office, the company name was not always included. This has now been resolved.
Cancelling ordersThe number of times that a promotional code can be used will now be adjusted if an order is cancelled. This means that the promotional code is still usable on the next order.
Shopping cartWhen customers return to your online store the previously ordered product will no longer be displayed in the shopping cart. The shopping cart will be empty when the customers logs back on.
AdyenThe payment method Adyen now also supports notifications.
OgoneOgone has made some adjustments to the payment system. We have therefore also modified the Ogone integration so payments through Ogone can be easily processed.
iClearDiscounts did not used to be calculated for payments through iClear. This now works. In addition you can now print invoices for iClear through the back office.
PayPal ExpressPayPal Express is working properly again.
MultiSafepayMultiSafepay payments have been improved. It is now possible to offer the option to pay after delivery.
iDEALiDEAL payments are now processed a lot faster through the Payment Service Providers Multisafepay, Mollie and Sisow.
MultiSafepay Fast CheckoutThe MultiSafepay Fast Checkout payment integration is now working correctly again.
Mollie & MistercashMistercash, the popular Belgian payment method, can now also be offered through Mollie.
KlarnaThere used to be an error notification when you wanted to delete an invoice in your back office that you had already deleted in Klarna. This has now been resolved.
InvoicesYou can now remove your customers phone number and email address from invoices. This helps you to prevent that this private information is visible on window envelopes.
Businesses onlyYou can now choose to offer certain payment options just to your business customers.
Shipping & returns
PostNL CheckoutWhen your customers order through PostNL Checkout and choose a later delivery date than the following day, you will now be able to see this in your back office. Make sure that the product is delivered to PostNl on the indicated date.
'Country' required field in shippingThe field 'country' is now a required field for all shipments. This also applies to orders that are created in the back office, if the product is shipped, not when it is collected.
Paazl shipping costsWhen using Paazl there were some cases where the values of the 'weight' field were transported to the 'width' field. This led to a wrong calculation of shipping costs. This has now been fixed.
International shipmentsIt is now possible to add 'HS Custom codes' to every product, some shipping providers require this for international shipments. You can activate this through SETTINGS > advanced > HS Codes.
ReturnsCustomer information (company name or customer name) is now displayed in the returns overview.
Import & export
Product visibility import sheetYou now have the option to set the visibility of the product when you are importing a product sheet. You will have 3 options:"Y" for visible,"N" for not visible and"S" for visible when available.
Language issues with product variantsThe import of multiple languages for product variants is now working correctly again.
Charges payment methodThe export sheet now has an additional column named price_payment. These show the charges for using the payment method.
Price excluding VATThe export sheet now has an additional column named price_total_ex. This shows the price without VAT.
Export sales reportsIn addition to the shipping address, you can now also export the billing address through your sale reports.
FirefoxIf visitors open your mobile shop in Firefox, all the menu items on the sidebar and the shopping cart now work properly again. This ensures that Firefox users also have a good user experience and you will generate more mobile sales.
HeadlinesYou can now add customized headlines to your mobile online store. This allows you to make sure that they are in line with your mobile theme.
Order button GermanyIf you have a German online store, the order button will now show 'order with obligation to pay'. ('order and commit to pay'). This is mandatory for online stores in Germany. This also works in your mobile online store.
Language controlIf you have an online store in multiple languages, you will now get a notification on your product page in your back office. This notification indicates which languages have yet to be added.
Domain extensions and countriesWe have added several new domain extensions. You can now also add Serbia and Montenegro to your back office.
TradeTrackerAdditional fields have been added to TradeTracker, this integration now works even better.
NewslettersIt is now possible to adjust the language of your newsletter subscribers.
EmailsA number of customers had problems with displaying their logo in automated emails. This has now been resolved
BlogIf you have a blog with SEOshop, your visitors will now be able to see the last 10 posts instead of the last 5.
There is more...
Adjusted translationsThe adjusted translations that you have made in your back office now also will be displayed on invoices, quotes and packing slips.
StatisticsYour dashboard shows sales statistics. These statistics are now more accurate since the credit invoices are deducted from the sales.
Region validation in checkout processThe field 'Region' in the checkout process will now be validated where required.
Wish listAfter customers add a product to their wish list, they will no longer be directed to the homepage, instead they will be directed back to the product they added. This increases the chances that they will order multiple products from your online store.
Under constructionYou can now also choose to display the 'under construction' bar in your online store while you are adjusting the availability in the store. This allows you to let your customer now that you are working on your store. To change this you will have to go to"SETTINGS > Advanced" and click"show demo bar".
Supplier IDYou can now also record the identification number of your supplier in your product feeds.
Recover passwordThe new password recovery feature in your back office is now working properly again.
B2B online storesOnline stores that are using the B2B integration are now displaying the correct prices in the checkout process again.
Error street numberThe checkout process now only allows for a number to be entered in the 'street number' field. If no number is entered an error notification will come up. This error notification has now been optimized.

Next month we will also run a major update on our platform. So keep a close eye on our blog!

If you have any questions you can contact us trough the ticket center in the back office.