May 2014 update: Extensive SEO changes, design freedom with invoices and e-mail messages and PostNL improvements

May 2014 update: Extensive SEO changes, design freedom with invoices and e-mail messages and PostNL improvements

Last month, we introduced our feature request tool, to enable you to provide feedback on new tools you deem important. It goes without saying that we have listened carefully, which is why you fill find tools you have requested in this blog post! The most important are extensive SEO changes and a template editor for your invoices, e-mail messages, shipping documents and estimates. The template editor is offered free of charge, enabling all SEOshop online storeowners to provide their store(s) with a high-quality professional appearance. Which is good for you and us as well, matching our desire to become successful together with you!

Extensive SEO optimizations

The past month we have worked hard to improve the SEO-friendliness of our platform. It was a large and important project to us, and we are very happy with the results. This update provides you with more options to improve the findability of your online store in search engines.

These are the most important changes:

  • The possibility to modify robots.txt. Among others, the robots.txt file helps to ensure that Google does not index certain pages. This can be useful, for example, if you do not want Google to add your Adwords landing pages or General Terms and Conditions to its index.
  • Meta data added to important areas. As of now, you can add a meta title, meta description and meta keywords to your product, category and text pages. This enables you to even better optimize your online store for specific keywords or themes.
  • Meta data in your blog. As of now, you cannot only add meta data to your product and text pages, but also to your blog posts. Thus, you will always have innovative content, and you can improve its findability in search engines!
  • No index option added to blogs, categories and products . The No index option is useful when your online store is still under construction, or when you have several pages with almost identical content. Because you do not want Google to think that you have duplicate content, you can configure a No index option. This may be done using the robots.txt file, but also on blog, category and product level.
  • SEO tab at product level. At product level, you will now see a tab that has been especially set up for your SEO optimization. Here you can modify your meta data (title, description, keywords) and immediately see how it will be displayed by Google. In addition, the system will notify you when you have used too many characters.
  • Canonical URLs and meta data included in the import tool. As of now, you can import canonical URLs and meta data through the import and export tool in your back office, enabling you to modify these data easily.
  • Text on tag pages. As of now, you can add an introductory text to your tag pages, making them easy to read for your visitors.


Would you like to know why these updates are so important and what you can do with them? Then check these blog posts as well:

Design freedom for e-mail messages, invoices, shipping documents and estimates

You already had a Template Editor to modify the theme of your online store. Now you also have an editor at your disposal to modify your e-mail messages, invoices, shipping documents and estimates. You can find this editor through GENERAL > Design > Content Editor in the left menu of your back office.


When you click it, you will see four options: E-mail, Invoices, Shipment and Estimate. Click them to modify the HTML and/or CSS files of these tools. This enables you, for example, to completely design your e-mail messages and invoices in accordance with your house style!

In the Template Editor that opens, you will have the opportunity to modify HTML and CSS files, as well as to roll back to a previous revisal. This is useful if you want to correct any mistakes made while modifying the files. Click the ‘Preview’ button to see at a glance how your customers will receive your e-mail messages, estimates and suchlike.


Note: Experience with modifying HTML and/or CSS files is required! If you lack it, please contact one of our partners. For example, you may choose from:

You can also contact one of our other partners, which you can find in the SEOshop Store expert section.

PostNL integration additions

The existing PostNL integration has been extended with the following additional options:

  • Extra-early pickup at a pickup point
  • Evening delivery at the customer’s home
  • Search for pickup points in the check-out process

Thanks to this update, your customers are able to pick up products at a pickup point before office hours and/or have products delivered to their homes in the evening. In addition, they can select a pickup point in their area, using a convenient map.


Through your back office, you can configure rates for morning and evening delivery. These rates are set up as a surcharge to standard product prices. Enter the additional amount you charge for this custom delivery here, not the total amount.

With this, ‘extra-early pickup’ is a surcharge to the PakjeGemak rate and ‘evening delivery’ a surcharge to the standard delivery rate.

This way, you can offer even more freedom of choice to your customers that use PostNL!


  • Removal of customers. You can now remove customers if they haven’t placed an order yet.
  • Payment methods updates. The integrations with BillSafe, DocData, MultisafePay and Klarna have been improved.
  • Bpost an Paazl integration has been improved
  • E-mail address search within an order
  • Google Business Page. As of now, you can also configure a Google Business Page for your online store.

Expect further updates from us next month, like discount rules, product bundles and a one page checkout. Keep a close eye on our blog!