It is here, the new and free SEOshop template!

It is here, the new and free SEOshop template!

We know that you have been waiting for quite some time, but it is finally here. Our new standard template is available! You can now activate it – for free – in our App Store. In this blog post we will discuss all the convenient functions of this template. We are very proud of the result so we hope you guys will love it to!

And this is what it looks like


klik op de afbeelding voor een grote weergave

Search result are being displayed while you are typing


p]When customers are searching your web shop the results, based on the letters they are typing, are displayed immediately. When the user continues to type, the result will be adjusted accordingly. The prices also come up instantly. Products that are on special will be displayed in red (or any color of your choice) so they really stand out.

Products and prices displayed more clearly


To make your prices stand out, they are being presented in the form of a button. Sale items will normally have a red button, while the regular prices will have a blue button. You can adjust the colors of both buttons. When you move your mouse over a particular product, the rest of the products will become lighter, so the selected product will get all the attention. You can also choose to either display the search results on multiple pages or to show them all on one page through 'infinite scroll'.


The customer will then get three options. He can choose to add the product to his shopping cart, add it to his wish list or compare it with another product.

More focus on social media


There is now more room in the footer of the web shop for social media. All recent tweets, as well as the latest Facebook posts are displayed. If you also have a blog with SEOshop, your customer will also be able to see any recent blog posts. This is all easily done in the settings of your template in your online backoffice. For Facebook you just enter the name of your page. For example if the address of your page is, your page name comes after the .com/ so in this case it would be SEOshop. You can manage your Twitter settings through the Twitter widget. To do this, go to, sign in with your username and password and you will find the 'Widgets' under settings (see instructions below).


Create a new widget and choose the height (300 is ideal, but it can also be higher or lower). Copy the code that is displayed by Twitter. All you need is the part of the code that comes after: data-widget-id=


You can the place this code in the back office, and your Twitter-feeds will be displayed automatically.

The new and improved product page


Our product page is completely renewed as well. The zoom function for example has been improved significantly. There is now 3 ways to zoom in; by dragging the mouse over the main photo you can zoom in on a certain part of the image, you can replace the main photo by dragging the mouse over one of the smaller photo’s and by clicking one of the smaller images, you will see a larger image with a faded background. It is now also a lot easier for customers to leave reviews and to easily display the products that they recently viewed. Under the product photo there is room for an extensive description and there are also different tabs that contain reviews and tags. This makes the new shop a lot more user friendly!

Easy to use filter options


When your customers are looking for a product, they can now use the new filter options. The displayed products will change automatically and immediately when they adjust the filter. This sidebar can be placed on either the right or the left side in the settings of your template in your online backoffice.

Try it for yourself!

Of course you would want to try our new template yourself. That is why we created a demo shop. Already convinced? You can activate it straight away in our Theme Store through Design > Theme Store. The theme has been tested extensively, but if you do notice a bug, let us know through the ticket centrum in your online backoffice (so not on this blog or the forum). If you are delighted with our new template we would love to hear from you as well ;-)