New: our brand new online support environment is live!

New: our brand new online support environment is live!

Over the past few months we have been working hard on a fully renewed online support environment and we are proud to announce to you that we are launching it today! In this environment you will find an answer to all the important questions.

Three segments

The support environment consists of three segments:


In the manual you will find detailed descriptions off all the features that SEOshop has to offer. By using the search option you can find a specific feature.

Frequently asked questions

Sometimes other customers have already asked your questions, and we have answered them. That is why we have added the most frequently asked questions to our online support environment, helping you find an answer quickly.

Partner Documentation

Especially for our partners we now also have an environment that contains information about building apps and themes, making it easy for you to find a quick answer to all your technical questions.

Extremely fast support

As an online storeowner you need extremely fast support. You are an entrepreneur after all, and time is money. Thanks to this new online support environment you will never have to wait for our customer support team to answer your questions, but you can quickly find the answer yourself. These can be found in the manual, where we have a step-by-step explanation on how to activate specific features, or through our frequently asked questions section, where you can find questions from other online storeowners and the corresponding answers.

Especially for partners

Being a SEOshop-partner, you would also want fast solutions; obviously you want to start selling your apps or themes as soon as you possible. You don’t have time to wait for your technical question to be answered. Thanks to our partner documentation, you don't have to anymore because all the technical information that you need to make an app or theme is readily available here. You can read everything about our API here as well.

Customer Service still available

Of course this does not mean that you cannot come to us with your questions: our Customer Service department will continue to be at your service. The manual that is now available in the back office (under the 'i' button) will not be disappearing anytime soon either. Not until we have received a conformation from you that the support environment is completely satisfactory, we will replace the previous manual.

Teething problems

We obviously cannot prevent the manual from having some teething problems. So if you encounter any errors, or if you find important information to be missing, we would like to hear from you through the usual channels. If you are highly satisfied with our manual, we would gladly hear from you as well!