Open a pop-up store with your online store

Open a pop-up store with your online store

As the owner of an online store, you're always looking for more online exposure, but sometimes it is good to expand your view, there are also plenty of options to promote your online store offline. An example of this is pop-up stores, temporary shops which allow you, in a short time, to reach a (new) target audience!


It is a trend that has developed in recent years, and will continue to do so: temporary shops, which suddenly appear (pop up!) and will also disappear after a while. They attract shoppers who are constantly looking for new products; this is exactly why they are attracted to these shops. It is also a great way for online stores to promote their store, you can display the product range of the online store is in a real life shop, without the risk of having a long-term lease on a property.

Target a new audience

A major advantage of a physical store is that you can reach a different, and particularly a new, audience. Believe it or not, there are still many people who do most of their shopping offline. That goes with it; there is a public that is specifically looking for 'exclusive' products, or items that are new and not yet widely available on the internet. This is also public that wants to spend money, and can therefore be interesting to cater to with a pop-up store. As a final advantage, in terms of public, is that you can easily promote your online store locally. Where this is really difficult to do with an online store, a temporary shop gives you the opportunity to reach a specific local audience, for example in Utrecht or Amsterdam.

Testing new products

Online Stores are often looking to expand their range. By offering more products you can also make your visitors a relevant offer, what obviously increases the chance of them buying your products. However, it is difficult to make a good selection: what new products should we offer? Is there sufficient demand? Does it go with our current range?


With a pop-up store, without affecting the current range on the online store, you can easily test new products. Use the temporary shop for example to introduce a new brand, if people like it, than you can add it to your online range.

How to set up a pop-up store?

So there are plenty of opportunities, but the big question remains: how do you set up a pop-up store? Fortunately, all the necessary platforms are available to you. OnZazone you can browse through the selection of shops in The Netherlands, where you can rent a property from one week and up. Also, certain locations have their own website, such as the Berenstraat 24 in the negen straatjes in Amsterdam. There is even a platform set up that provides news and current capabilities within the pop-up store-world: Popupsquare. They profile themselves to be the platform for the pop-up stores in The Netherlands, en bring opportunity to landlords and tenants. More than often they will include properties that are exclusive to their site, and they provide fascinating articles, for everyone that is interested. Especially when you are considering stepping up to a temporary store, it is worth keeping an eye on this site!

One thing you must realize: Running a real life shop takes a lot more preparation and work than an online store. Things such as cleaning, decorating and security are to be considered. If you prepare well and read up on the subject, it can be a wonderful and precious promotional tool.