Optimize product pages for Google: this is how it’s done!

Optimize product pages for Google: this is how it’s done!

This is a guest blog written by: Karel Geenen

As an online merchant you obviously want your product pages to have a high rating on Google. After all, customers who are looking for a specific product have the intention to buy.

It will definitely benefit your turnover if your product pages have a high rating on Google. But how do you make this happen, achieving a high rating on Google?

You can read the most significant tips below!

Use unique content!

The biggest downfall for online stores is the use of the standard, provided product text. Especially when you are selling thousands of products, it can be very tempting to use the provided product text. Or, even faster, import it.

Unfortunately this is counterproductive because you are not the only one doing this. Virtually all your competitors do it! We than create so-called duplicate content, content that is exactly the same as those of competitors.

And Google hates that. Why would they want to show the same results to their users? The simply don’t.

That is why it is extremely important to write unique text. Unique product descriptions which encourage to buy.

Because, let’s be honest, a dry list of the functions is not very appealing. That is why you should learn how to write a decent product description.!

Repeat your keywords

You should let Google know that your site is about a certain subject, or better yet about a number of keywords.

This means that you should have your keywords appear in certain places.

In the past I have made info graphic about this, click on the picture below to view this:


A picture says so much more...

Product photos are extremely important. This is often underestimated and usually the standard provided photo is used.

Unfortunately these are usually not quality photos. If you want to sell your products online, you will have to put a lot of time and energy in their presentation. Good product photos are essential.

Arie Bruinsma explains in this blog how you can make good product photos yourself. Do you want to take it to the next level? How about product videos? These also work incredibly well.

Do you need inspiration for such videos? You should have a look at the productreviews of Coolbluesometime.

Profitable products first!

Another common mistake is giving all products the same amount of attention. In a real shop this doesn’t happen either. In the window for example, you will see the product that brings the shop owner the most revenue.

How about those massive displays in supermarkets? Those are only used to promote products that need extra attention!

This is also important to apply within your online store. It is virtually impossible, when you have thousands of products, to give them all a great product description. Let alone that you can make a photo and video for all the products.

And even if you would manage to do so, it would be difficult to give them all the attention they deserve. After all, your homepage has limited space and the same goes for your category pages.

That is why my advice is to start with, for example, 25 of the most significant products. (the ones that generate the most profit) and to use the full potential of those product pages.

After that, you can do this for the next 25, and so on.

It is a lot more interesting to end up with your top 10 products on the first page of Google, than to have all your products somewhere on the third page…


Google doesn’t only take the content of your product page into account, also the popularity of your online store is an important factor to Google to determine if you will get ranked high in the search results.

Google mainly uses the number, and the type of incoming links that your online store has to calculate your popularity. Google argues, that if your online store receives a lot, and high quality links, it will have “good” content.

You can compare this to word-of-mouth advertising. Only the spoken words are replaced by incoming links.

Making sure that you are being talked about in a positive way is not easily achieved and requires a lot of time and effort.

The base of becoming popular online:

●Provide excellent service, and make sure that every customer becomes a fan. They are your main ambassadors and it is mostly them that will determine the success (and the popularity) of your site; ● Provide interesting content like extensive video reviews, manuals, info graphics etc. A good platform for this is a blog; ● Network with people in your field. Make sure everybody knows you, and build the biggest possible network that includes people that work in your field, suppliers and customers.

Karel Geenen is a new guest blogger, soon his courses will also be available in our service store.