Take part in deciding on future functionality, using our new feature request tool

Take part in deciding on future functionality, using our new feature request tool

You may have read our March 6th, 2014 blog post about the SEOshop development roadmap for April and May. This blog post was written to provide you with further insight on which tools to expect from us in the short term. Today, we have good news for you!

Development roadmap for April and May

Below, you’ll find the highlights in our development roadmap for April and May, as you may have read in our blog post of March 6th:

  1. Implementation of a built-in feature request tool in the back office, enabling you as a customer to vote on functionality. (April)
  2. Improved search engine optimization (many new possibilities) (May)
  3. One-page checkout (May)
  4. Extensive discounts and bundled products / additional B2B functionality (May)
  5. Template Editor for invoices and packing notes, enabling you to customize their design (May)

As you may have read, a feature request tool was planned for this month. I herewith inform you that we have finished its implementation. In addition, we are well advanced with the remaining four items on the agenda. In this blog post, I would like to discuss the importance of our new feature request tool.

What is the feature request tool?

The feature request tool is an additional extension to the back office, enabling you to immediately influence developments concerning our platform. You may use this tool to vote on tools that are important to you. You will have ten votes at your disposal, which can be divided across three categories.

Cast your ten votes for tools that are important to you. As soon as the function in question is developed, you will receive your vote again, which you may use for a different tool. In the meantime, you can also change your mind and remove a cast vote, to subsequently assign it to another tool.

More possibilities for our most loyal customers

Especially for customers who have been active on the SEOshop platform for two years or longer, we provide the option to submit tool requests. There are a number of reasons for only granting this to this particular customer group, being:

  • These customers have the most experience with our platform, they know it like nobody else.
  • Deployment of a smaller customer base prevents double tool requests, thus ensuring surveyability.
  • Currently, the feature request tool is in a test phase. This means that proper monitoring is essential, something achieved easier with a small group.

If this test works out successfully, other customers will also be allowed to submit tool requests.

How does it work?

In your back office you will now find a new text area at the top of the page, accessible through MY ACCOUNT > Customer service in the left menu. Click it and you will see tool requests, to which you can cast votes. Click ‘Vote’ next to the tool request in question if you consider it important. Keep in mind however, that you can cast a maximum of ten votes. If you have been a SEOshop customer for two years or longer, you can also submit tool requests.

At the right side of the screen, you will see categories that facilitate filtering tool requests. When our development department is working on a given tool, its request status will be modified. There are several statuses, such as Pending, Currently in design and Completed.

Due to the fact that the request tool is also used by international customers, we would like to ask you to submit tool requests in English. This way, everybody will benefit, thus increasing the chance of your tool request garnering more votes.

Will all requests be granted?

We will use customer feedback to add new tools. However, we cannot guarantee to implement all requested functionality, as we do not want to lose track of usability and our corporate vision. Anyhow, you will significantly influence our decisions.

Growth continues

As you may have read, we are investing in our development department. Last month, we have already welcomed three new developers and we hope to hire an additional five.

Do you know (a) skilled PHP developer(s)? Then we would love to hear from you!


Currently, we are working on many interesting projects. I will do everything to keep you posted on these developments. If you have any questions concerning new/future functionality, as of now you can submit them using our new feature request tool.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!