SEOshop heartbleed fix; healer of broken hearts

SEOshop heartbleed fix; healer of broken hearts

Heartbleed is the digital disease causing an outbreak of panic amongst all internet users. As reported in The Guardian, tens of millions of smartphones could be exploited by this security flaw, in addition to the monster websites which have already been compromised (including Google, Facebook and Dropbox).

Diagnosis & symptoms

The virus targets the OpenSSL software widely used to keep data secure and could allow hackers to covertly steal huge amounts of sensitive information. Thousands of webshops across the world use a “secure” SSL connection to transmit data. This data is encrypted to prevent malicious access to private information. However, due to a coding flaw hackers could obtain up to 64 KB of unencrypted passwords, financial information and emails from the memory space of vulnerable servers ( puts this at 17% of SSL-secured websites).

Internet users, who have long relied on the trusted browser “lock” icon to guarantee security, were suddenly facing the threat of outside attack on their private information. And scarily, there is no way to tell whether your data has been stolen unless you are notified when it is misused in the future.

Are SEOshop customers susceptible?

The purpose of your webshop is to sell products. If your potential customers’ password, payments and card information could be at risk, this significantly affects their desire to do business.

Dr. SEOshop

While the fallout from Heartbleed continues to unfold, many sites are struggling to patch their software. SEOshop was quick to advise our merchants of the problem, and was also able to resolve the security issues with our April update, so that your customers can now shop safely.