Platform-update: Inform your customers via SMS

Platform-update: Inform your customers via SMS

Wouldn't it be nice if you could send your customers a SMS about their order? We thought so! That's why we now offer SMS notification, allowing you to have a communication that your competitors do not have and improve customer satisfaction.

Update your customers through SMS

We're especially proud of this new feature, because from now on you can communicate with your customers through SMS! This makes it possible to give status updates of orders to your customers, send them discount codes and further encourage follow-up purchases, always and everywhere, wherever they are. This means you have a way of communicating that your competitors do not have and through which customer satisfaction will surely rise.

Under GENERAL > Settings > General you will find two new icons: Credits and SMS. Under Credits you can buy credits for the SMS service (1 credit is equal to 1 cent). As soon as you have sufficient credit, you can set up your SMS service under SMS. Here you can set the name of the sender (for example the name of your webshop) and your mobile phone number, so your customers can respond to your messages. Then you can click on the tab page Templates. Here you can set a separate SMS template for each event, like you can do already for e-mail notifications. A number of templates are pre-configured for you. Templates starting with the term Merchant are SMS notifications to yourself, templates starting with the name Customer are SMS notifications to your customer.

The Customers:customized template is a customized template which you can send ad hoc SMS messages with. Some examples of ways of using this is to let all your customers know about your absence during the holiday season or by sending an individual customer a message about his or her order. You can send these SMS messages in all places where the button Notify customer is shown. You will then be given the option to notify the customer with an e-mail or message. If you do not have enough credit then the SMS option will be hidden. You will find this feature under individual orders, individual customers through Customers > info tab page or in the customer overview in the dropdown menu With selected. With the last option you can send the same text message to multiple customers.