Surry Bulga - Australian zest for life from Stuttgart

Surry Bulga - Australian zest for life from Stuttgart

Surry Bulga is a young designer label based in Stuttgart, which combines lifestyle with functionality as the first bag collection clearly proves. The so-called Can-Ga-bags are reminiscent of the original sports bag, but label founder Denise Krack has breathed new life into them with their fresh design. The Can-Ga-Bags embody spontaneity, casualness and lifestyle, mixed with a pinch of pragmatism and functionality.

How did the label Surry Bulga originate?

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The idea for the label and the bag collection came to Denise Krack during her six-year stay in Australia, where she studied graphic and web design. She has been back in Germany for 2 years now, and has dealt extensively with the idea for the"Surry Bulga" business. It began with research into the right materials, suppliers and producers.

The name of the label is also from Australia, in accordance with Denise’s long stay Down Under: Surry Hills is a suburb of Sydney, the Australian metropolis. Bulga is an Aboriginal word that means"hill". The label reflects the Australian vitality in every detail, including the motto:"Feel the life - be free".

The Can-Ga-Bag

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As mentioned previously, the Can-Ga-Bag is reminiscent of an oldschool sports bag. But there is much more to it! Each bag has an integrated towel that can be spread by inverting the bag. Your purse, cell phone, keys etc. cannot fall out, as there is an inside pocket which is closed with a zipper. The bag is very flexible, so if you take a trip to the park while on a walking tour or on the way from work to home, or spontaneously want to swim in the pool – this is"portable lifestyle" perfectly implemented.

The bag offers enough space so that a laptop can be taken, which is then well padded thanks to the towel. The drawstring to close the bag serves as a carrying strap, so the bag can be thrown casually over your shoulder.

The right design for every person

The bag is not only practical, but also looks stylish. Different versions vary in material and design of the bag and the towel. The terry version fully reflects the summery beach feeling of Australia. The cotton version is available with different patterns and the denim version provides a stylish jean outfit to complete a chic and urban vintage look. The leather version is basically the Luxury Edition: each bag is handmade and unique; the towel is washable and replaceable thanks to a zip and is also available in different sizes.

Locally designed and produced

Denise Krack places great emphasis on sustainability and quality. If you browse through their online shop, you will see that all products are produced in Europe and many are also made in Germany. The leather bags are, for example, made directly in Stuttgart.

Customers who buy a Can-Ga-Bag not only support the local economy, but also the children's charity „Plan Partnerschaft“. A portion of the proceeds are thus invested in aid projects around the world. Denise Krack has a godson who participates in this plan and has had good experiences with the charity, which is why they want to support their projects.

What is the plan for the future?

Surry Bulga has been online for almost 3 months now. At the moment there are various versions of the Can-Ga-Bag to buy, but for the future an even bigger bag collection is planned and from 2015 accessories will also be available. Initially, the products are offered online only. If however you live in the country, you can visit the Surry Bulga office in Stuttgart and see the bags in the showroom.

What marketing activities are planned?

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It is of course important for your brand to be known, especially for young labels. Denise Krack exhibits her bags at artists fairs in the German fashion capitals Berlin and Munich. In addition, Surry Bulga and the Can-Ga-Bag has been featured on many occasions in magazines and newspapers and this summer, the local radio station raffled off the Football World Cup special edition"Schland2014" in football design with the colours of the German flag at the bottom.

Since there is only a small budget for advertising is available, it must be well spent. Search Engine Advertising is therefore of little interest. Instead, the focus is on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Why choose SEOshop?

Through her studies, Denise Krack was familiar with software programs and did a lot of research before selecting SEOshop. It is easy to see why SEOshop and Surry Bulga are a good match. Surry Bulga is a young and innovative company that is constantly evolving - just like SEOshop. It is also a great advantage that SEOshop charges no transaction costs. This is advantageous because, especially for young, small companies, the budget is limited and you need to have a clear overview of the expenses.

Tips for other online retailers

Denise Krack advises other young entrepreneurs who have a great idea to implement it immediately. If it is worth pursuing then you should just get started and take the first step.

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We wish Denise Krack and her label Surry Bulga all the best for the future and congratulate them as our online shop of the month!

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