The first Amsterdam Hackathon was a great success!

The first Amsterdam Hackathon was a great success!

Last Friday was the first Amsterdam Hackathon in Pand North, Amsterdam. The event was organized by SEOshop, Amsterdam PHP and EyeOpen, with more than 50 programmers participating. The aim of the Amsterdam Hackathon was to program a working app within 24 hours using team work. The two best apps won €800 (first prize) and four quad helicopters (second place).

Augmented Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Hackathon started at 6 pm last Friday. More than 50 programmers from the Netherlands, Germany, the USA and Spain had registered and some participants even traveled to the Netherlands especially for the event. After a brief welcome and introduction to the process, the task was announced: Augmented Amsterdam. The teams were formed and after everyone was strengthened by pizza and drinks, the programming could begin at around 8pm.


The night

Around 30 of the 50 participants showed extraordinary perseverance and were determined to make it through the full 24 hours. They stayed up all night and programmed their apps. While the organizers and participants supplied food and drink, the developers showed their skills. The SEOshop programmers were split across the different groups and provided trouble-shooting assistance.

The winners

Around 4pm, after a long night, morning and afternoon, the final signal was given and it was time to choose the winners. After an extensive evaluation Daniël Snijers, Mark Ootes and Rick Ootes were crowned the winners and presented with the € 800 cheque. They developed a responsive website where visitors can choose which Amsterdam attractions to visit, based on the time that is available to them. The result can be seen here. The second place and the quad helicopters went to Irma Scheer, Rene Pot and David Kelly who developed a crime game with a great UX (User Experience), to play in the city of Amsterdam. The third price was won by Dennis de Greef, Johan Schuijt, Alex van Andel and Sven Buijsrogge who programmed an app that virtually takes you to a selected location using Google Streetview images. They won licenses for JetBrains.


The next time

The date for the next Amsterdam Hackathon is not yet known, but it is certain that we will organize a second hackathon. Are you interested in participating? Then follow us via! Once the date is known, it will be posted here.