Update 03-07: personal order status, modify delivery time, remember login details

Update 03-07: personal order status, modify delivery time, remember login details

Our monthly update is - as always - filled with our most requested features and improvements. This blog post will discuss the most important changes.

Create your own order statuses

The order management system already contained system statuses like ‘new’, ‘sent’ and ‘paid’, but now it's also possible to add your own statuses. For instance, when you want to add a status to an order that is not available in our basic system statuses, you can create a new one through Settings > Workflow > Order Status.


Now you can assign the new order status to an order under Sales > Orders. Click the order you want to adjust and change the status at the top right.


This will then show up in the order overview under ‘Custom Status'. Moreover, you will see that the order overviews will now display an image of the products sold. This will make it easier to see which products have been bought by your customer.

Remember login details

It can be an inconvenience having to enter your login details every time you want to enter the back office, especially when you need to do so multiple times per day. That's why we added an option that allows you to extend the time frame in which your details are remembered by the system. You can adjust this under Settings > Workflow. Here you can choose between 1, 2, or 4 hours.

Payment date added to invoice overview


Obviously it's very useful to see which invoices are paid and which are not, but it's even more useful when you can also see when an invoice has been paid. That's why we added this feature in the invoice overview. Now you can sort your invoices based on the date you received the payment.

Improved dashboard


In our previous update we completely renewed our dashboard. During last night's update we further optimized the dashboard and your turnover data is now clearly displayed. The details of you SEOshop Package (subscription) will also be available here.

Improved Facebook store

Facebook has modified its design and therefore we optimized our Facebook store design. We modified the width of the store to improve the visibility of your products. Don’t have a Facebook store yet? Activate it now under Settings > Facebook.

Specifically for designers: Template Editor filters

This update is for the creative wizards only. To facilitate the modification of your design, we added a number of filters in the Template Editor. The most important ones are split and hash. Split is being used to split a string. Hash is being used to calculate the security hash of a string. To do this you will need to use {{ 'string' | hash( 'hashmethod' )}}, the hashmethod can be md5, sha1, and/or sha256. Again, this is only meant for designers, so don't worry if you don't understand what we are talking about.

Specifically for demo users

Because it's always tricky to get a full understanding of how the back office of an online store system works, we created a step-by-step guide that leads you through the system. This way, you'll learn exactly how you can make the most of your online store. This new step-by-step guide is only available for demo customers.

Specifically for Germany

Good news for merchants in Germany, because the new dashboard is live in Germany too! Merchants in Germany now also have a direct debit option through PayOne to pay for their monthly fees. This way your account will never be overdue, which saves you time and will simplify the management of your accounts. Your German Account Manager can tell you all about this new feature.

Specifically for Germany and Belgium: State the delivery date on the invoice


In Germany and Belgium it's mandatory to state the date of delivery on your invoice. For this reason we made it possible to manually adjust this on your invoices. You can manage this under Sales > Invoices. Click on the invoice for which you want to modify the delivery date and you can adjust the date in the popup screen.

There is more...

On top of this, there are a number of small updates. Here's the summary:

  • Improved visibility article codes. In many places we have modified the width of the article column so the visibility of longer than average article codes is better.
  • Copy product variations. You can now copy product variations the same way you can copy your products. Click the copy button ( ) next to the product variation.
  • Adjust VAT according to the sender’s address. As of now, you can adjust your VAT based on the address of the sender instead of the recipient’s address.
  • Product type added to Shopping feed. 'Product type' has been added as an additional feed in your Google Shopping feed. More information on the Google Shopping feeds can be found in theGoogle Merchant Center.
  • Buckaroo bug fix. Buckaroo works properly again.
  • Cancel automated emails. Cancellation emails that are being sent automatically to your customers can now be turned off.
  • Custom URLs in headlines. As of now, you can enter your own URLs in the headline instead of just a product brand or category.
  • Cancelled orders deleted from order summary. Cancelled orders will not be shown in the main order summary anymore.
  • And last but not least, adding domains is working as it should be again!