Update 17-09: Improved import / export feature, improved mobile shop and web hooks

Update 17-09: Improved import / export feature, improved mobile shop and web hooks

Another month with an update full of often-requested features and improvements. Read all about it in this blog post!

Improved import & export feature

Many of you requested this and we listened to you. The import and export feature is now much more user-friendly, so you can easily edit product data.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.17.07 AM

To start, you can now directly download example CSV or Excel files of all edit sheets from the back-office. You will need to use these files for all your product changes. When you add columns to these or when you edit column names, the import sheet will no longer work.

  • New products - you can immediately start using the example sheet through TOOLS > Import & Export > Import > New products
  • Current products - You will first need to export your current products through TOOLS > Import & Export > Export > Products. In this sheet you can make changes and then import these through TOOLS > Import & Export > Import > Current products.


Edit sheet current products

It is now possible to change the product sheet and then import it, so you can also edit options such as images, name and description. Additionally, the import feature now recognizes UTF-8 encoding, so special characters (such as the umlaut) are recognized. On top of that, delimiters in your CSV file are automatically recognized. If you still have errors in your import sheet after this, you will be explained what is wrong, so you can easily correct the errors. The changes that were made correctly are saved in your back-office.

Make sure to always use the example sheet so you maintain the current layout. Changing your products with the import & export sheet will be easy as pie!

The improved mobile shop

You could already activate a free mobile webshop in your back-office, but we figured this could be made even easier. That's why we made many improvements. To summarize, these were the changes made:

  • Blog mobile-friendly - we made sure your blogs will be correctly shown in your mobile webshop.
  • Account management for your customers - from now on your customers can manage their account in your webshop on their smartphone.
  • Discounts for your products - From now on, it's possible to use discount codes in the mobile webshop.
  • Sliders - You can now also show your sliders in your mobile webshop, including a convenient zoom function.
  • Checkout changes - hide the optional input fields of your checkout.
  • New call-to-action buttons - choose between a bigger amount of mobile call-to-action buttons.
  • Go social - you can now add social media buttons in your mobile webshop, so your customers can easily share your content.
  • Freedom of choice on your homepage - show a category of products on your homepage.
  • Germany-proof - if you currently have a web shop in Germany, your mobile webshop of SEOshop now also complies to German legislation with a special legal mode.

We are ready for m-commerce, are you?

App Store

When you became a customer at SEOshop you could try us out for fourteen days for free and without any obligations. We still think this is a good idea which is why we will introduce this trial period for our apps as well. From now on you will be given the option to test (many of) our apps for some time before you have to decide to buy them. Additionally we made a few small changes in the App Store, such as notifications when a new app is available - you will then see a number next to the menu item 'App Store' - and a banner to inform you visually and in a better way of actions and promotions in the App Store. This means you will never miss an interesting App Store deal!


We also did the following updates:

  • Order notifications are no longer sent when the order amount is equal to zero.
  • The Google Product feed is updated according to the most recent Google guidelines.
  • Mollie now also works with credit cards.
  • The Sisow URL bug is solved.
  • The PayPal link with the Facebook shop is now operating properly.
  • The publication date of blog posts is now editable.
  • Developers can now use our web hooks
  • The scroll - function of the Template Editor is improved and now scrolls to the correct line after your edits are saved.