Update Augustus: try apps for free, improved registration and PostNL installments

Update Augustus: try apps for free, improved registration and PostNL installments

In the last month there were some minor and major improvements on our platform. In this blog post you can read all about it.

Cancel within 12 hours and receive apps for free

Sometimes you want to try an app, but it transpires that it is not what you are looking for. Now you can cancel such apps within 12 hours for free, so you can easily test which app is right for you. However, you can only try the app for free once, so it is not possible to turn it on and off daily without paying.

Improved customer registration

When customers register in your store they do not have to provide their shipping or billing address. The consequence is that they then need to do so during the ordering process, which could potentially affect conversion rates.

To solve this problem, during the first registration it is now compulsory to enter the billing address and possible (not required) to also enter the shipping address.

PostNL packing slips for installments

If you have a partial shipment, you want to print a packing slip for each consignment. From now on this is also possible when you use our PostNL integration. Beside the printer icon you will see a yellow envelope stand. When you click on this envelope, you can print a packing slip per consignment.


Tax is now also adjustable per payment

In the last update we made it possible to establish separate payment costs. Now you can set different tax rates per payment.


Earlier this month

At the beginning of this month, there was also a small update. Below we summarize these changes:

Improvements to discount rules

You could already set the discount rules by category. Now you can also set the discount rules per user within a category. This is handy because you can now offer different discounts to your different user groups. Furthermore, your discount rules are now visible on the product page and overviews. Your visitors will see your discounts in all of the important places, which is good for conversion in your shop!

Better management of multiple languages

From now on you have the possibility to set a language as active or inactive. That way you can add a new language and then privately add all texts to your shop, without these being visible to your customers. Once you have added all the text you can set the language to active. This gives you more control over the content of your international webshop!

Better management of product reviews

When someone evaluates your products via a product review, of course you want to have the ability to contact them. Therefore you can now ask for an email address from your customer. This field can be optional or required, so that you can control whether customers have to complete this field or not. Moreover, this e-mail address is not shown in your online store, so that the privacy of the customer is guaranteed.

There's more...

We have solved some common problems, including these:

  • Sharper images - the product image in the shopping cart is now sharper, so that it also looks good on a retina display.
  • Demo bar improved - if you have a demo shop, you will see an orange bar at the top of your shop. A link is now included in this bar so that you can easily return to your backoffice.
  • Cost payment methods by calculating - You can now pass the charge for PayPal Express on to your customers. Please note that you only calculate the costs, as it is forbidden to earn money on a payment