Update 31-7: Development blog, iDEAL update, Adyen update

Update 31-7: Development blog, iDEAL update, Adyen update

Another update with many great new features. Read all about it!

Switch to IBAN with iDEAL

Europe is moving towards a joint payment system (SEPA), which will allow us to use the same payment method everywhere. SEPA, Single Euro Payments Area, includes all countries within the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (members of the European economic area), Switzerland and Monaco. New payment standards are being introduced for account numbers and means of payment to ensure that all Euro payments are being processed the same way throughout this area. The account number IBAN, bank transfers, direct debits and debit cards can soon be used for both domestic and cross-border euro payments.

This comes with many advantages for companies as well as individuals that make payments abroad, or receive payments from overseas. With these new standards you can now, for example, charge your overseas customers through direct debit.

To ensure that this process runs smoothly, SEOshop already offers a transfer through iDEAL to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). The only thing that you need to do is fill out the form in the new iDEAL Advanced Payment 3.0 integration through Settings > Payment Methods. ING Bank wants online storeowners to switch before September 30th, so we recommend that online storeowners, who use iDEAL, switch straight away.

Order confirmation with overview of products in HTML


The details in the email will look like this:


It is now possible to include the ordered products in the order confirmation that you send out to your customer. You can do this by adding the tag to your order confirmation through Service > E-mails & Text [[details]].

Development blog in back office

Always wanted to know what our development team is working on? Or when a SEOshop partner updated a theme? From now on you can read all about it in the development blog in your back office. This is where SEOshop developers and SEOshop partners can communicate updates to the online storeowners. You can find the development blog on your dashboard under active forum topics.

Shipping method only in back office

Especially for online storeowners who also receive offline orders – and have to manually process these – we have made it possible to use a certain shipping method only in the back office. This way your online customers won’t be able to select this shipping method, but it will be available to you in your back office. You can adjust this through Settings > Shipping Methods.


Adyen is working properly again

Adyen, the online payment system for international online storeowners, has released several updates, which are now also fully compatible with SEOshop. Ayden allows you to activate payment methods for Europe the US, Asia and Latin America.

Separate company name for delivery address

You could already state the company name for the billing address, but now you can also adjust the company name for the delivery address separately. This will be very helpful when the company name on the invoice is different from the company to which you are delivering.

Google Authorship for your blog


Do you have your own SEOshop blog? If you do, you can now also link your Google Plus ID. Your photo will be displayed next to your blog posts on Google’s organic search results. This makes your blog post really stand out, even if it is not at the top of the page.

SEOshop conquers Liechtenstein (and Ireland, and Sweden)

Finally! Now you can open an online store in Liechtenstein ;-) You can now also activate an .ie domain and the Swiss language can be activated in the front and back office.

But that’s not all...

In addition, we have implemented the following updates:

  • PayU.ru is now available for payments in Russia
  • Sisow-payment will be marked 'paid' again after a bank transfer.
  • Volume discounts can now also be entered as percentages.
  • It is now possible to ask your customers to enter their email address twice during checkout, to avoid incorrect e-mail addresses. You can change this through Settings > Advanced under Name & address > Email > Single/Double


  • The price per unit is now also available in the Collections template. You can add this in the template editor.
  • We have upgraded the dashboard which has improved the speed.
  • Addresses are being displayed more clearly on packing slips and invoices so the street number is not printed under the address line.