Platform update March: New payment methods, manual orders, and Universal Tracking in Google Analytics

Platform update March: New payment methods, manual orders, and Universal Tracking in Google Analytics

The past month we have worked very hard to improve our platform. In this blog post, you can read everything about the platform update.

Customer service through your back office

Through MY ACCOUNT > Customer service in the left menu you can now find our extensive online manual, FAQs and even documentation on our Template Editor and API. Thus, you can easily find the answer to your question. If this does not solve your problem, you can still reach us by clicking the green ‘View my tickets’ button. We will try to answer your question ASAP.

Improved PostNL integration


The existing PostNL integration has been further improved. Among other things, standard prices in the matrix are now automatically loaded into your back office, the date and time picker has been made more user-friendly and it is also possible to offer cash on delivery. In addition, we have solved a number of ‘frequently occurring issues’.

New payment methods

You will find two new payment methods in your back office. Dibs has been made available for online retailers active in Sweden and/or Norway, as well as Concardis for online retailers in Switzerland. In addition, MultiSafepay Betaal Na Ontvangst (payment upon delivery) now has become a separate payment method.

Improved manual orders

When you receive an order by phone, you naturally would like to see in a glance whether the product(s) in question is/are in stock and currently for sale. This is possible now! When you create a new order in your order overview, you subsequently click the ‘Add product’ button. A pop-up window will appear where you will see an overview of your products. In the ‘For sale’ column, you can now see whether the product(s) in question is/are for sale, in the ‘Amount’ column whether it/they is/are in stock. This makes processing phone orders a lot easier!

Google Analytics Universal Tracking


In November last year, Google confirmed availability of all resources required for upgrading Google Analytics users to Universal Analytics. Now you can also keep track of the statistics of your SEOshop online store with the new Google Analytics Universal Tracking code. Before activating this in your back office, you will first have to upgrade your Google Analytics account. For more info, please refer to the Google Analytics manual.

Here are some of the advantages of the new Google Analytics Universal Tracking code:

Offline conversions

With Google Analytics Universal Tracking, you can finally keep track of offline conversions. This is useful when you, in addition to an online store, also have a physical store. With this, Google uses the so-called Measurement Protocol. For more info on its use, please refer to the website. The Google video below also provides clear information.

Advanced visitor segments

Google abandons the visit-based model and switches to a visitor-based model, thus enabling to measure conversion based on visitors.

Custom dimensions and statistics

Universal Tracking allows you up to 20 custom dimensions and statistics. For more info, please refer to the Google Analytics manual.

Would you like to know more about Universal Analytics? If so, we recommend to also read this Kiss metrics blog post.

And furthermore...

In addition, a significant number of improvements have been implemented. The most important ones are mentioned below:

  • Offers are no longer considered in back office statistics.
  • DHL label formats have been adjusted to the dimensions set out by Paazl.
  • The packing note now shows the store name, instead of the company name. In addition, it is now displayed in the recipient’s language.
  • The PostNL integration barcode now has a length of 13 characters, to also support EU Pack.
  • In addition to EAN-codes (article codes), SKU codes now can also be scanned with a barcode scanner.
  • PayPal Express now also works different for other currencies, compared to the Euro.
  • Invoices now can be credited through Klarna.

Furthermore, we have implemented many small changes/improvements based on the feedback you have submitted over the past months. Thank you very much for this and until the next update!