What Google+ can do for the SEO of your online store?

What Google+ can do for the SEO of your online store?

Google+, why would you still use social media? I will explain why in this article. There are now many different social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. People might be getting a little social media tired. However, Google+ has been around for a while and is starting to gain ground. In addition Google+ has many advantages compared to other social media platforms. It is expected that it will expand significantly and that no one can ignore Google+ in 2013.

Why does Google+ still exist?

Google+ was launched in 2011. It has now been around for almost 2 years. Is Google+ a flop? A lot of people assumed that Google+ was trying to compete with Facebook, and if that was Google’s intention, than they failed. Google has already launched many concepts that, when they didn’t take off, were easily taken down. For example Buzz, Wave and many more. If Google+ really was such a major flop, why is it still around? In fact, why should they continue to integrate Google+ with other Google products? The answer to that seems to be that Google never had the intention to become a second Facebook. But if that’s the case, what are its plans?

What does Google+ do for your search results?

Google+ is going to be very important in SEO. It has even been said that Google+ is already significant in regards to search results. It is the way for Google to identify users. With your Google+ profile you can show the world, just like in other social media, what you like. You can rate products, become part of certain communities and you can post and share messages. With this information, Google can show you more personalized and relevant information, in both organization and paid (ad) results. This makes the search result more user specific and will lead to a higher user satisfaction rate.

How does a Google+ profile get a PageRank?

A PageRank is, simply put, a number that indicates how ‘good’ Google thinks your website is. The higher the number, the better. A number of aspects play a role in determining this number like how long your website has existed, the number and quality of your backlinks and the content. This PageRank is used by Google in displaying the search results, which means that this number influences your rank in the search results.

In regards to searching on Google, your Google+ profile will be regarded as a website. This means that, just like a website, your Google+ profile will get a PageRank. Other social media profiles are also regarded as websites. However, as Google does not have full access to all the information it does not get a PageRank. In other words, your Google+ profile is more likely to receive a high PageRank than your Facebook or Twitter profile.

We could assume that a Google+ profile receives a PageRank in the classical way, though it could also be considered that there are other ways to get a high PageRank, for example through interaction with other Google+ profiles. Google is constantly changing their algorithm, which means that there might be a lot more ways to get a high PageRank in the future.

What does Google+ and Authorship Markup mean for bloggers?

Authorship markup connects your online published articles to your Google+ profile through rich snippets. This allows you to attach an image to the article when it comes up in the search engine. To get an authorship markup, you have to connect your Google+ profile to the articles that you are writing at a specific domain. If you do this, it would mean that you have an advantage over other online authors because your article, with a photo, is more personal and stands out in the search results.

What could Google+ do for the newly introduced services, such as Google Glasses?

Google continues to develop new products. At the moment the organization is working on launching Google Glasses. These glasses will allow you to do virtually anything; taking photos and videos, live sharing, getting directions, sending speech messages etc. These kinds of products also have the potential to be linked to Google+. It could be possible in the future for Google Glasses to use your Google+ profile to provide relevant information about your location – like restaurants that you will enjoy

In short, Google+ can already have a significant input on the SEO of your online store and its significance will only continue to expand in the future. Google+ has convinced me of its potential.